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Hi all,

There are rumors flying that programming new remote key fobs to a Volkswagen is very easy. In order to correct any misinformation or misunderstandings related to this topic, I am writing this post to explain the details of the whole key matching process.

Quick Overview of a Volkswagen Key

A complete Volkswagen remote key fob consists of 2 parts: 1) the transmitter for radio remote control central locking system, and 2) main key with variable code transponder. If you lose either of these 2 parts you will not be able to start your car. But this will not happen because these 2 parts are tightly attached and it is not easy to separate them. The part numbers of these 2 parts for my Golf MK5 are shown below:
  1. 1K0 959 753 G - The transmitter (the remote)
  2. 1T0 837 246 INB - Main key with variable code transponder

Main key is on the left, the transmitter is on the right. Picture is from http://www.riskin.org/vwkey/.


So how to program a new key to your car? Firstly, you will need to make sure that you get the right remote. There are literally hundreds of frequencies for the remotes, and it has to be the exact one for the central locking controller to pick it up. You can easily verify this by checking the part number. The part number of all the remotes for Volkswagen Golf MK5 starts with HLO 1K0 959 753 and has a suffix letter at the end. The suffix represents the model and the frequency of the receiver/controller being used on your car. For example, the part number of my remote is HLO 1K0 959 753 G. The suffix G represents a specific model of the controller on my car with the frequency of 434MHz. The following is a list of part numbers of the remotes for Golf MK5 I observed so far:

HLO 1K0 959 753 A - 434MHz for mobel PR-5D1
HLO 1K0 959 753 B - 315MHz for model "J..": PR-5D3
HLO 1K0 959 753 C - 315MHz for model "ROK": 5D5
HLO 1K0 959 753 D - 315MHz
HLO 1K0 959 753 G - 434MHz

Please be reminded that the above part numbers may not be suitable for your car. Please check with your dealer and don't buy the wrong remote.

Secondly, you need to find a locksmith who can cut the blade of a Volkwagen key. It shouldn't be too difficult to find one locally. Bring both of your keys (the existing and the blank key) to your locksmith and they will be able to replicate the key for you.

Finally, you will need to programme the new key to your car. There are 2 parts to programme the remote.
  1. One for the doors (such that you can open/close doors and set/unset alarm using the remote)
  2. One for the car immobilizer (such that you can start your car)
Part 1 is very simple. The following are the procedures:
  1. Place your first key into the ignition and turn to the second notch (do not start the car)
  2. Now close the door and place your second key into the handle lock
  3. Turn the key to the lock position and let it spring back to the central position.
  4. Hold down the Lock button on your new remote, you may hear a bleep from the car
  5. Now unlock the car using the key in the barrel and remove, then take your first key out of the ignition
  6. Close the door
  7. Your remote should now be coded
Please be reminded that this procedure WILL NOT add your key to the immobilizer. Even you have completed part 1 and have the blade cut, you are still not able to start your car. This procedure will only code your key to connect to the controller so that you can open/close doors and set/unset alarm. However, this procedure can be used to re-activate an existing key that's lost its memory from a flat battery.

Part 2 is the MOST difficult part. You will need the following to complete part 2:
  1. Volkswagen VAS 1551/5051/5052 or equivalent diagnostic equipment, OR
  2. A Windows-based computer with VAG-COM and the correct interface for your car, AND
  3. Secret Key Code (SKC)
Secret Key Code (SKC) can only be obtained from an official dealership. There are 2 formats of SKC from VW. Prior to 2002, some vehicles were delivered with a scratch-off panel on a plastic tag. A 4-digit SKC was printed on that panel. Starting in 2002, dealerships implemented the WIN2 system to provide SKC's to their technicians and customers. As of 11 Mar. 2002, VW and Audi are providing 7-digit Secret Key Codes in place of the earlier 4-digit SKC's. Keys must be coded using the new 7-digit SKC (secret key code) method unless the owner still has the correct 4-digit code. 7-digital SKC is generated based on the 14-digital immobilizer ID with your 17-digit VIN. Once the 7-digit code has been generated, the 7-digit SKC, the date on which the code was generated by the dealer, along with the Workshop Code (WSC) and the Importer number of the dealer that generated the code must be entered to the VAS 1551/5051/5052 or VAG-COM in order to add new keys to the immobilizer.

Recently, VW/Audi dealerships have switched to the new GeKo system, whereby their factory scan tools dial up the factory while connected to a car. Under this system, the technician no longer sees the SKC at all and you will need to bring your vehicle into the dealer to have immobilizer work performed. Note: GeKo connectivity requires VAS 5052 and broadband connection.


If you lose your key, you don't have much choice. Firstly, you need to get a blank new key. You can simply find one on eBay. But make sure that you get the right remote for your controller. If you still have the 4-digit SKC, then you will be able to add new key yourself using VAG-COM. Otherwise, you will need to take your car back to the dealer and have them do it for you. If you are lazy (like me), just request a new key from your dealer and they will order the key and program it to your car for you. But it will be very expensive.

References and Acknowledgement
  1. Synchronise a new remote keyfobs: http://www.uk-mkivs.net/forums/451448/ShowPost.aspx
  2. Ross-Tech VAG-COM FAQ: http://www.ross-tech.com/vag-com/faq_4.html#skc
  3. Key Matching Process: http://www.steveslockshop.com/VW-hi-sec.htm
  4. Volkswagen Key Disassembly: http://www.riskin.org/vwkey/
  5. Mingfinity: he is so brave to disassemble his key and check the part number and the frequency of his remote
  6. golfer: for verifying the part number and the frequency of a specific remote
  7. Aric (uk-mkivs.net): for verifying some of the part numbers and the models of several controllers/receivers
  8. ETKA
  9. Official Volkswagen Service Manual
I hope this helps. If you find any incorrect information in this post, please feel free to correct me. Thanks.

NOTE: I put FYI (for your information) in the subject line because it is not really possible to DIY (do it yourself). That's why.
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Posted 08-02-2006, 02:27 PM Quote
Woo... very detailed info, thanks chris (and the brave soul mingfinity).

wouldn't it be nice if we have more detailed technical msgs like this!
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Posted 08-02-2006, 02:38 PM Quote
In conclusion, if we brake the button part, we can buy the same 'remote' unit on web and DIY.
If you brake the key part... GOD BLESS YOU!
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Posted 08-02-2006, 02:52 PM Quote
Thanks Q.

BTW, I found a key on ebay:

It is HLO 1K0 959 753 G, which is the same as mine, with blank key blade.
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Posted 08-02-2006, 03:16 PM Quote
thanks 9527

however, my locksmith already reprogrammed the new keys for me
just kidding...
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Posted 08-02-2006, 03:25 PM Quote
Hahaha Thanks Sir Rocco. You are right. My post does not fit all Volkswagen vehicles. Yours are good examples to remind us that new cars have too many electronics components and are TOO COMPLICATED and "ma fan".
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Posted 08-02-2006, 07:41 PM Quote

erWin has more information about GeKo which has been mentioned above:
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Posted 09-02-2006, 09:45 AM Quote
so.. brothers! Here is what we can do in case we lost our key (touch wood); coz we simply can't have those equipment to sync the key with the car by ourself or 'street-side' garage.

1. just call DCH for help
2. get a key from ebay (with the correct info above), find some 'locksmith' to cut it, and still... need to call DCH to sync it with the immobilizer

Thanks 9527 for all the info; Let's keep the key in a safe place.
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Posted 05-05-2006, 03:38 PM Quote
Found a diagnositc tool from the web, which is able to retrieve a few data from EEPROM in the instrument cluster such as the secret key code (SKC):


But the cost of the kit is too high
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Posted 29-12-2007, 12:21 AM Quote
I believe the SKC can be recovered using a piece of software called
avaialbe here


AFAIU, if you have a key that is accepted this program can scan the memory and and find the SKC so that you can add another key.

still no good if you lost all your keys, but nice if you just want to make a spare to put away for safe keeping.

I might be wrong though, i havn't tested this theory yet, but i will do when my spare key arrives that i got on ebay (for a bargan)

also VAG cables are available on ebay for arroudn £25 quid delivered.
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Posted 12-05-2009, 10:57 PM Quote
It is very useful. Will this apply all VW new model such as Tiguan. Also, I notice that the key is very cheap in China. Will it able to use it for HK VW model?
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